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Watching Superstorm Sandy unfold on CNN and Sky over the past few days has felt eerily like watching the sci-fi movie, The Day After Tomorrow. Made just 8 years ago, the movie depicts New York at the mercy of intensely violent weather: massive and brutal floods, hurricanes, tidal waves, etc.

We’ve been struck by the frequency of news conferences given Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor Andrew Cuomo and other key disaster managers as they have kept their cities fully informed throughout this highly volatile situation. They’ve given us a master class in communication and we’ve been awed by their honesty and clarity.

There was a moment that particularly resonated with us when, during one of Mayor Bloomberg’s press conferences, he said that Sandy had to result in a re-examination of the effects of climate change and, particularly, what could be done to mitigate … Read More »

Expert Export

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Being sought out by the media is always rewarding for us, particularly when the medium is the Financial Times, one of the world’s most respected publications.

The piece that appeared on Tuesday in a special report on the British Chambers of Commerce quoted our Chairman, Colin Hygate, on how fundamental UK Trade & Investment (the promotion arm of the BCC) has been to our success as an exporter. Along with the other exporters quoted in the article, it also gave him a chance to suggest where, in our experience, there was room for improvement in their service offering.

Although Green Fuels is neither a big company nor, quite rightly, a household name, 90% of our business is export. We trade with such a wide variety of countries, from South America to North Africa and the Middle East to the Far East, and … Read More »

Meet our new baby, the FuelMatic 3

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Haven’t found the biodiesel processor that’s right for you yet? How about this one: the 3,000 litre/750 gallon FuelMatic 3.

This is now the smallest Green Fuels FuelMatic processor and is especially community friendly in a world increasingly concerned about climate change and reliance on the volatile price of unsustainable fossil fuels. And with communities in mind, it’s been designed especially to produce our trademark high quality biodiesel from used oils high in free fatty acids (FFA), in other words, the worst quality used cooking oils. Of course it also converts virgin oils, animal fats and tallow.

It’s ideal for business owners with vehicle fleets who want to reduce their fuel costs as they reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that dangerously accelerate climate change. You already know, don’t you, that moving from fossil diesel to biodiesel is painless? Diesel engines can use … Read More »