Meet our new baby, the FuelMatic 3

Posted on October 17th, by Green Fuels in Green Fuels Blog. Comments Off on Meet our new baby, the FuelMatic 3

Haven’t found the biodiesel processor that’s right for you yet? How about this one: the 3,000 litre/750 gallon FuelMatic 3.

This is now the smallest Green Fuels FuelMatic processor and is especially community friendly in a world increasingly concerned about climate change and reliance on the volatile price of unsustainable fossil fuels. And with communities in mind, it’s been designed especially to produce our trademark high quality biodiesel from used oils high in free fatty acids (FFA), in other words, the worst quality used cooking oils. Of course it also converts virgin oils, animal fats and tallow.

It’s ideal for business owners with vehicle fleets who want to reduce their fuel costs as they reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that dangerously accelerate climate change. You already know, don’t you, that moving from fossil diesel to biodiesel is painless? Diesel engines can use biodiesel as a direct fuel replacement without any adaptation.

Another advantage that makes the FuelMatic3 especially viable for community biodiesel production is that it pays for itself quickly. It has all the same great technological features as our bigger processor, effectively, giving customers the same benefits at a lower price. It’s cost effective enough to allow entrepreneurs to set up community scale biodiesel production to serve local fuels needs.

Consider too that our customers can get to market within 3 months, many times faster than previous generations of biodiesel technology, which means that they reach profitability quicker. The capital set-up costs are lower, there is no complex fit out, and our processors are assets which retain their residual value.

We’re excited about this processor, not just because it’s always exciting welcoming a new baby to the family, but also because it extends our range to 4 models, going from this small one to the 8,000 ℓ/2,000 gal, then the 20,000 ℓ /5,000 gal and finally our biggest processor, the 50,000 ℓ /13,000 gal.