McDonald’s McDiesel to go

Posted on December 18th, by Green Fuels in Green Fuels Blog. Comments Off on McDonald’s McDiesel to go

Green Fuels customers, Neutral Fuels, have just marked two major milestones.

First, their main customer, McDonald’s, has driven more than a million kilometres on 100% biodiesel made from their used cooking oil in Dubai. Using Green Fuels equipment, Neutral Fuels has been converting McDonald’s own used cooking oil successfully into 100% biodiesel since August 2011.

Second, Neutral Fuels has opened a new FuelMatic biorefinery in Dandenong, near Melbourne in the Australian state of Victoria. Already half of McDonald’s 225 Victoria outlets are running on biodiesel produced from their own used cooking oil and the remainder are expected to join the effort early next year.

Replicating the success in Dubai, McDonald’s Victoria will run on the closed loop business model developed by Neutral Fuels with the support of McDonald’s UAE logistics supplier, Allied Keystone Logistics (now Martin-Brower). In this model 100% of McDonald’s used vegetable oil is collected from 100% of their restaurants, converted into 100% biodiesel and then pumped back into 100% of the delivery fleet in an ongoing recycling process.  Delivering these sustainability objectives has been made possible through the use of Green Fuels FuelMatic GSX bio-refineries.

McDonald’s is clearly committed to biodiesel, proving every day that it is a long-term sustainable alternative to fossil fuel and that it makes sense not just for the environment but for their bottom line too.

A great video of this story can found on the following link:!/photo.php?v=376690252425265&set=vb.116466695114290&type=2&theater