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Posted on October 31st, by Green Fuels in Green Fuels Blog. Comments Off on Sandy

Watching Superstorm Sandy unfold on CNN and Sky over the past few days has felt eerily like watching the sci-fi movie, The Day After Tomorrow. Made just 8 years ago, the movie depicts New York at the mercy of intensely violent weather: massive and brutal floods, hurricanes, tidal waves, etc.

We’ve been struck by the frequency of news conferences given Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor Andrew Cuomo and other key disaster managers as they have kept their cities fully informed throughout this highly volatile situation. They’ve given us a master class in communication and we’ve been awed by their honesty and clarity.

There was a moment that particularly resonated with us when, during one of Mayor Bloomberg’s press conferences, he said that Sandy had to result in a re-examination of the effects of climate change and, particularly, what could be done to mitigate … Read More »