Green Fuels Consultancy

Thanks to our global reach and wide experience across a range of industry sectors, we understand the challenges you face. We can help you make sure that your biodiesel solution delivers to your needs and is compatible with local regulations and licensing laws.

Our global consultancy division can help outline feedstock verification, business planning and feasibility for your own biodiesel project. Our experience across the world means we can help wherever your need is.

As you would expect our expert consultancy does carry a cost, but any feasibility study costs incurred during a project will be reimbursed against the total cost of the FuelMatic processor.

Green Fuels special projects division

Green Fuels is the obvious choice for innovative biofuels research projects.  Having been at the forefront of the industry since 2003 we have undertaken a number of projects seen as ‘world firsts’ in the biofuels industry along with high level testing of biofuels in future engine designs.

SERVE – A biodiesel filled future for your car

Working with Jaguar, Shell, Johnson Matthey and the University of Birmingham, Green Fuels undertook a research project into the world markets for biodiesel fuels with variable feedstocks and how these function in current and future diesel engines.  Green Fuels provided reference fuels for testing by Jaguar and the University of Birmingham from a wide range of feedstocks.

World’s first chocolate powered racing car

Green Fuels were commissioned by the University of Warwick to produce a recycled fuel for their Formula 3 project car ‘Worlds First’.  To link in to a local company and a potential waste problem Green Fuels undertook a research project into the extraction and refining of cocoa butter from waste chocolate into fuel.  This, along with a blend of other recycled oils, provided the fuel for the world’s first chocolate powered racing car.

World’s first B100 biodiesel train

As part of a comprehensive research study undertaken by Green Fuels and EWS on the use of biodiesel in locomotive engines, the RSSB (Rail Standards and Safety Board) concluded in line with EWS that all class 67 locomotives could run reliably and safely on biodiesel fuel. The first train to run on biodiesel produced by Green Fuels was the Royal Train which has now run successfully on the fuel since 2007 and represents one of the toughest tests of the quality of fuel produced by Green Fuels equipment.

HRH the Prince of Wales’ waste-powered Aston Martin

As a continuation of HRH the Prince of Wales’ commitment to renewable fuels, Green Fuels were commissioned to work with Aston Martin Heritage to convert his Aston Martin DB6 Volante to run on recycled bioethanol.  Green Fuels researched suitable feedstocks and produced fuel from waste wine and also sourced bioethanol produced from whey, the by-product of cheese production, to power the Prince’s car.  The car has run successfully since 2007 on the fuel and was famously used at the Royal Wedding  of Prince William & Catherine Middleton.

The world’s first B100 biodiesel racing car with BBC’s Top Gear

Green Fuels were commissioned to work with Top Gear to produce biodiesel to use in a diesel powered racing car entered into the Britcar 24hr race at Silverstone.  Green Fuels provided a biodiesel ‘micro’ refinery and set press system to Top Gear which allowed them to crush and refine rapeseed they had grown into a clean burning biodiesel.  Green Fuels was also on hand during the filming to provide support to the engineers on the fuel’s usage.  The car successfully achieved 3rd in class.

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