FuelMatic incorporates our innovative GSX patent-pending technology and our intelligent GFM operation system to allow the conversion a wide variety of feedstock oils into biodiesel.

GSX technology uses a simple but unique separation process with no moving parts, enabling safer and more reliable glycerol separation than traditional centrifuge-based systems.

We make five models of the FuelMatic, ranging in capacity from 1,000 litres per day to 50,000 litres per day.

For commercial use, our highest selling processor, the 20,000 litre FuelMatic, is designed as a flexible, shrink-wrapped product, allowing biodiesel producers to go to market within 3 months, many times faster than previous generations of biodiesel technology. It can be housed in a 40-foot container, run in a major city or on a small, community scale in remote locations using readily available, locally grown or waste feedstock with the resulting fuel used for transport or to generate power.

Green Fuels processors have no complex control rooms, no high maintenance parts, and can be completely controlled via an automated touch screen maintained via 24-hour online diagnosis for remote management.

Capital set-up costs are low and because there is no complex fit out, they quickly return sustainable profits. They offer immediate payback and long term investment protection. They retain their residual value, making for a compelling case when seeking funding.

FuelMatic uses innovative GSX patent-pending technology to recycle a wide variety of feedstock oils into biodiesel. GSX technology uses a simple but unique separation process with no moving parts, enabling safer and more reliable recycling than traditional centrifuge-based systems.

How the FuelMatic works

  • The feedstock is heated, then measured into the reaction vessels  where methanol and methylate are accurately injected into the flow
  • Once the reaction is complete the mixture of crude biodiesel and crude glycerine is channelled through to the GSX separation unit where the two products are cleanly separated and the glycerine is discharged to storage.
  • The crude biodiesel then passes through our purification process where any impurities are removed through an ion exchange process.
  • Finally the residual methanol is recovered for reuse and the resulting biodiesel is automatically discharged to site storage.

Safer recycling

  • FuelMatic is CE/ATEX approved, which means safety is built in
  • Automated feedback loops ensure that if a component fails, the unit will shut down safely
  • Methanol is recovered and reused
  • Field devices are isolated, eliminating short circuiting on both ends of the system
  • Equipment is manufactured to enable easy manual inspection

Easy to install and use

  • As a skid-mounted unit, FuelMatic is transportable across the world by containerand is quickly reassembled on-site
  • All an operator needs is a supply of electricity; as no water or steam is required, the unit can be up and running extremely quickly
  • The process is fully automated, with intelligent GFM software via touch screen controls to enable remote access
  • Fully containerised options are also available to allow for a truly mobile plant.

Built to last

  • Stainless steel construction, with hard-wearing flange joints
  • FuelMatic bio-refineries have been continually in use across the world for five years and more.

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  • Different models

    Four models of the FuelMatic are available:

    FuelMatic GSX 3: capacity 3,000 litres per day
    FuelMatic GSX 8: capacity 8,000 litres per day
    FuelMatic GSX 20: capacity 20,000 litres per day
    FuelMatic GSX 50: capacity 50,000 litres per day

  • Specifications

    Assembled in the UK. Comes with patent-pending GSX technology and intelligent GSM software via touchscreen management controls. Capable of delivering 3-50,000 litres of processed biodiesel per day (depending on model).

    Model: FuelMatic 20

    Compliance: Atex Approved CE Marked
    Gross capacities
    Store/heat: 600 - 1,300 litres
    Processing: 2 x 600 litres
    Purification buffer: 600 - 1,300 litres
    Max. height: 2.55m
    Max. width: 2.31m

    Power requirement
    Air: 20 cfm
    Electrical: 128 amp / 3 ph + neutral 400V 50hz
    Mixing process: centrifugal recirculation
    Operating temperature: 60 - 75°C
    Pump rate: 400 litres per minute
    Purification method: ion-exchange
    Build time: typically 12 weeks

  • Feedstocks

    FuelMatic bio-refineries can cope with a variety of feedstock oils – from waste cooking oil to different cold and hot pressed fresh vegetable oils, as well as pre-treated used vegetable oils and yellow grease. For all suitable raw materials, a transesterification grade of > 98% and constant product quality will be reached.

  • Installations

    The FuelMatic is factory built and is delivered in sea containers as a turnkey system on four interconnecting skids. Site inspection (prior to delivery), connection to facility (at delivery) and start-up (commissioning run) of the FuelMatic are included in the sales price. The FuelMatic can be installed in a new or existing building or supplied within a modified 40 feet, high top container. Given its compact and modular design, the FuelMatic can be re-located easily if necessary.