Produce clean-burning biodiesel with FuelPod, a safe, user-friendly and reliable small-scale biodiesel processing system.

FuelPod enables businesses and households to have their own environmentally friendly and reliable source of fuel. To produce 50 litres of high quality biodiesel every 24 hours, all you need is 50 litres of used or fresh vegetable oil plus eight litres of methanol. We also offer larger volume solutions.

How the FuelPod works

Using safe external heating controlled by thermostat, FuelPod heats, mixes, separates and purifies oil into biodiesel. The glycerine by-product is manually removed through the front main drain valve. Timed controls make the unit easy to use, day or night, while a robust design and the highest standards of safety make it safe and easy to fill your car.

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  • Specifications

    Designed and manufactured in the UK.
    Capable of delivering up to 50 litres of processed biodiesel every day.

    Model: FuelPod2
    Compliance: Atex approved
    Base - Store/heat: 65 litres
    Upper - Processing:75 litres
    Height: 124.3 cm
    Diameter: 60 cm
    Weight: 45 kg
    Air: 8 cfm
    Electrical: 230v 13amp
    Mixing process: venturi recirculation
    Max. operating temperature: 60°C
    Pump rate: 12 litres per minute
    Purification method: ion-exchange
    Discharge filtration: 10 micron

  • Fast Facts

    Has the capacity to produce 50 litres of biodiesel every day from waste or new oil
    Timed controls make it easy to use
    Unique safety features ensure safe production of biodiesel
    Fuel dispensing system with regulation filter makes it safe and easy to fill your car
    Low maintenance
    Robust design
    Integrated ion-exchange resin fuel purification system to guarantee the highest quality biodiesel

  • Costs

    The FuelPod uses very small amounts of electricity to produce high quality fuel. The unit uses safe external heating controlled by thermostat and an intrinsically safe Atex approved air pump. To produce 50 litres of biodiesel you need 50 litres of used or fresh vegetable oil plus eight litres of methanol (we recommend a liquid methylate catalyst that can be purchased through Green Fuels). Within days you could be using biodiesel for as little as 20p per litre.

  • Installations

    The FuelPod is delivered fully assembled and pre-tested and is fully guaranteed against mechanical defects for one year.