About Green Fuels

Green Fuels is the world’s leading and longest established manufacturer of biodiesel processors

Incorporating our intuitive GFM control system and unique GSX patented technology, Green Fuels FuelMatic bio-refineries are already operating at 28 sites worldwide, with more sites coming online every quarter. These, along with thousands of decentralised biodiesel processors, are capable of producing over one million litres of high quality biodiesel a day – saving over 2,500 tonnes of CO2.


From its inception in 2003, Green Fuels has been recognised as the expert in manufacturing and commissioning biodiesel processing equipment to produce the highest quality biodiesel as up to a 100% replacement for fossil diesel. Throughout, Green Fuels has pioneered the use of sustainable biofuels in research and development, championing renewable and alternative energies.

Equipment customers range from waste management companies and agri-businesses to energy companies, governments and charities. Green Fuels B100 (100% biodiesel) is used as a sustainable diesel replacement in road transport, rail and energy production throughout the world.

From the Royal Train and other vehicles in the UK’s Royal fleet to a nationwide fleet of trucks in Dubai, more and more organisations are trusting Green Fuels and our class-leading bio-refineries to power their operations.


Setting new standards in biodiesel production

These are amongst the innovative technological advances we have developed which have set new standards for the processing of oil into biodiesel:

  • Biodiesel production requires the separation of glycerine which has traditionally been done by energy and cost intensive equipment such as settling tanks and centrifuges. Green Fuels has patented a unique glycerine separator technology, GSX, to replace these cumbersome options. With no moving parts, energy consumption is significantly lower, as are operating expenses and capital costs. We don’t know of anyone else doing this. In addition, reducing variability introduced by complex process steps like centrifuging is critical to producing consistently high quality fuel. Reducing operating costs and minimising downtime leads to very efficient production.
  • Our product range is enhanced by waterless purification which requires minimum resource input and provides consistent results. In many locations water consumption is not acceptable and the contaminated discharge is a further problem for the owner to manage. Currently we have a number of projects running in remote locations in Africa and Latin America where water is a scarce and valuable resource and is expensive to handle because significant energy is required to dry biodiesel after washing. Our waterless purification technology has few moving parts, offers chemical precision, reduces operating costs and reliably automates processing.
  • All FuelMatics use touch-screen intelligent GFM software. They are built to industrial strength and are flexible enough to be able to convert a huge variety of feedstocks, including used cooking oils, virgin oils, animal fats and tallows. They can be scaled to the quantity of feedstock available locally and offer immediate payback and long-term investment protection.
  • To recover methanol from biodiesel after purification, we have developed a unique flash drum technology to replace traditional distillation tower technology which can be expensive to buy and operate. Linked to our control system, our flash drum technology is a more reliable process with lower operating costs.
  • Our entire production process minimises waste to a relatively small amount of spent resin that is suitable for normal solid waste disposal to landfill or incineration.
  • The environmental impact of our products is very low as there is no release of greenhouse gas and our plant is designed to create a small footprint.

Green Fuels has changed biodiesel production from a high cost, feedstock-intensive and cumbersome operation to a modular operation that can be deployed quickly wherever needed. Thanks to the unique flexibility of the FuelMatic, the resultant biodiesel is of a consistently high quality even when using variable feedstocks.

Green Fuels around the world

With Green Fuels Consultancy and Manufacturing divisions headquartered in the UK, Green Fuels also has offices in the USA, Brazil and China and local representation in many regions throughout the world.


Green Fuels was started in 2003 by James Hygate in Gloucestershire, UK. Just three years later the company won the Gloucester Small Business of the Year Award and two years after that won Innovation of the Year at the Green Fleet Awards (UK) and was selected to Europe’s CleanTech 100 companies. In 2009 the company was listed among Globe Forums Top 100 Sustainable Innovators.

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James Hygate


Founder & CEO

The founder and CEO of Green Fuels holds a BSc. from the University of Reading and an MSc in Environmental Assessment and Management from Oxford Brookes University. James has been instrumental in developing the current process and products that have given Green Fuels the market leading position the company enjoys today. James is recognised in the biofuels industry as a thought leader and is often called upon to ensure the success of high profile projects. He is key to Green Fuels maintaining a competitive advantage and developing new products.