Sustainability is crucial to global agriculture.  In return for generating GHG emissions credits, businesses are investing in quality projects that can deliver on this sustainability agenda.

Green Fuels offers a quick and effective way to maximise sustainability returns for agri-businesses across the world. We are already enabling companies to set up closed loop processes, recycling waste from oil processing and used cooking oil and allowing farms to generate fuel at source, safely and economically.

Easing the pressure on agri-business

No one knows more about the complex challenges of today’s economic, environmental and social situation than global agri-businesses. At the centre of these challenges is a need to develop sustainable working practices that not only enhance business reputation but also make sound financial sense.

Green Fuels offers rapid and effective means to achieve these objectives by helping global agri-businesses deploy high quality biodiesel bio-refineries at the point of need, closing the loop on recycling feedstock oil into high quality fuel and in the process generating valuable carbon credits.

A versatile and experienced partner

With complex and international supply chains, agri-businesses are working hard to ensure that operations are carried out sustainably and in an environmentally friendly way. Green Fuels is ideally placed to help organisations in the agri-sector demonstrate that they are conducting business with responsibility, taking positive steps to protect and conserve the environment.

Green Fuels in action

Green Fuels has been working in the Middle East to implement a closed loop system with a global food brand. Within a matter of months the plant was producing 100% biodiesel to run an entire fleet of logistics trucks without modification; converting every litre of waste oil into a litre of biodiesel with no significant loss of yield and in turn reducing the fleet’s carbon footprint by a demonstrable 85%.

Carbon emissions

Achieving targeted reductions in GHG emissions is now business critical. A key part of every corporate social responsibility plan is a strategy to achieve targeted reductions in GHG emissions, reducing the need to purchase carbon offsets. Green Fuels unique technology means global businesses can not only generate top quality fuel from recycled waste oil, they can also deploy faster and closer to the feedstock source, thereby ensuring more effective generation of GHG emission credits.

Sustainable sustainability

As the provider of fuel to the Royal Train and other vehicles in the royal fleet in the United Kingdom, Green Fuels has the highest possible pedigree in quality fuel production. This is proving to be a crucial criterion for businesses whose global reputation is paramount.

With FuelMatic bio-refineries in production for over 5 years – longer than any other in the sector – Green Fuels is the leader in reliable, high quality production. In addition, because the FuelMatic plant is assembled in the UK and shipped to anywhere in the world, Green Fuels can provide  equipment whenever and wherever it is needed.

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  • FuelMatic

    Green Fuels most popular processor offers four levels of capacity – the FuelMatic GSX 3, 8, 20 and 50, capable of processing between 3,000 and 50,000 litres of biodiesel daily. The FuelMatic bio-refineries are skid-mounted, modular, portable and capable of operating on-site within hours. This makes Green Fuels plants amongst the most agile in the world.

  • GFM Software

    Now in it’s eighth version, Green Fuels bespoke, intelligent software manages and controls via advanced sensors and microprocessors every aspect of the refinery process through its touchscreen panel. Updates to the software and even diagnostic operations can be achieved centrally from Green Fuels HQ.

  • GSX Technology

    Green Fuels unique patent-pending GSX technology is one of the core benefits of our equipment. Developed with practically no moving parts, it has transformed the glycerine separation elements of biodiesel processing. With a flow of up to 2,000 litres per hour it is now the benchmark for sustainable recycling of waste oil and other feedstocks.

  • Feedstocks

    FuelMatic bio-refineries can cope with a variety of feedstock oils – from waste cooking oil to different cold and hot pressed fresh vegetable oils, as well as pre-treated used vegetable oils and yellow grease. For all different raw materials, a trans-esterification grade of > 98% and constant product quality will be reached.