Quality biodiesel – the key to sustainability

As mineral oil reserves become ever harder to locate and extract, the world is looking for alternative energy sources. Biodiesel provides compelling advantages and significant benefits:

  • Biodiesel recycles waste oil back into fuel, eliminating the dangers of inefficient and often dangerous disposal or its re-use in the food chain
  • The lifecycle of biodiesel emits 85% less CO2 emissions than fossil fuel
  • Unlike other alternative energy sources, switching to biodiesel incurs no major infrastructure changes

Governments around the world are setting ambitious targets for the sustainable reduction of CO2 and more and more organisations are making the switch to biodiesel. As the world leader in community-scale biodiesel equipment manufacture, Green Fuels is ideally placed to help them succeed.

Why Green Fuels?

The combination of our close partnerships with clients and unique tried and tested technology makes Green Fuels such a compelling proposition for organisations looking to generate biodiesel on-site. Green Fuels offer an outstanding range of benefits.