Closed loop process

FuelMatic enables organisations to recycle and reuse their own waste oil, driving down the financial and environmental costs

If your organisation produces waste oil you have an obligation to dispose of the waste responsibly and effectively. This takes up valuable time, resource and cost. However, Green Fuels can transform the way you deal with waste oil by enabling closed loop recycling.

How Green Fuels enables closed loop recycling is simple. Our skid-based plants mean waste oil can be turned into valuable fuel onsite, rather than transported to a third party. Consequently you control the quality of your fuel, enabling you to make substantial savings on transportation costs as well as maximising sustainability.

Even the methanol is recycled

The Green Fuels FuelMatic module goes even further to create efficient recycling on-site. FuelMatic uses innovative technology to remove any residual methanol from the biodiesel after purification, offering lower operating costs than traditional distillation methods.

The extracted methanol is then reused in the next cycle, converting even more waste oil.

From small beginnings

Even smaller business operations can achieve real results – a typical restaurant would produce 300 ℓ to 400 ℓ of used oil per month.

The Green Fuels technology can provide a channel for collected used oils, is economically sustainable owing to its small scale and can help to address energy challenges. Farmers can formalise the collection of oils and the distribution of biofuels in a community, or as a co-operative venture.

There is tangible value added to local communities and the system could also be used in cities. A restaurant can operate a single delivery vehicle on the biodiesel it produces each month, while remote farmers can produce their own biodiesel and secure a portion of their fuel at a much lower cost. In London, the global consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers runs its head office building on biodiesel produced in a Green Fuels processor from used cooking oil, as do many London taxis.

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Banyan Tree Resort Seychelles

Banyan Tree Seychelles recently purchased a FuelPod 2 to convert used cooking oil into biodiesel. The machine itself is very simple to handle and a mere five hours is needed to transform 50 litres of used cooking oil to biodiesel. The biodiesel can be used in all diesel-operated engines without any compromise of performance.

As Banyan Tree Seychelles started running out of used cooking oil, they offered to collect used oil from other properties in the area. So far they are working with two more hotels, increasing their feedstock oils. As most hotels usually pay a company to dispose of their used oil, they have been supportive of the initiative and offer their used oil freely.

The total production of biodiesel is estimated at 2,000 litres a month, saving approximately US$1,700 a month. At this output, the cost of the machine is recovered in less than three months. In addition to these cost saving benefits, Banyan Tree Seycelles is providing a local means of recycling what was previously waste.