Flexjet Green Fuels tech in award-winning project

The flexJET project, which features Green Fuels’ SABR technology, was selected as winner of the KETbio competition for most innovative and impactful EU biotechnology project. flexJET will deliver 1,200 tons of sustainable aviation fuel from the project site in Berkeley, UK – wholly made from waste vegetable oils and organic wastes.  

James Hygate, CEO of Green Fuels, told KETbio “Our novel SABR process allows the use of 100% waste derived oils and fats. Renewable hydrogen is produced through a TCR process with no fossil fuel involved. We are flexible, converting different types of food oil waste into one standardized product, simplifying and saving costs in the hydro-processing and fractionation steps. Even our crude glycerol by-product is used onsite for the production of hydrogen, making the process fully circular.”