Green Fuels are experienced. With a focus on biofuels since 2003, we have helped guide decision making, enabling numerous projects on 5 continents.

Helping clients make an informed decision

Thanks to our global reach and wide experience across a range of industry sectors, we understand the opportunities and challenges faced by the biofuels industry. We work closely with clients to ensure the solution provided meets their needs and is compatible with local regulations and licensing laws. In many new markets we have helped policy makers understand the opportunities for the specific location.
Our global consultancy division can help outline feedstock verification, business planning, detailed market research, carbon auditing and feasibility studies. Our experience across the world means we can help wherever your need is; be it advisory on initial decision making or an expert witness to resolve a dispute.

Whatever the need Green Fuels is the obvious partner to ensure the successful projects are developed and deployed. We have been at the forefront of the industry since 2003 and have undertaken a number of projects seen as ‘world firsts’ in the biofuels industry along with high level testing of biofuels in future engine designs and the development of the new generation of fuels coming on-stream today.