The Green Fuels way

Green Fuels has been pioneering the technology and chemistry of sustainable fuels since 2003. Waste-derived biodiesel is one of the most carbon-efficient fuels available, and Green Fuels equipment has displaced an estimated 6.5 million tonnes of carbon emissions (CO2 equivalents) to date. The company was founded from a desire to transition from the use of fossil fuels into net-zero carbon fuels - a mission that is embedded into everything we do.

Producing Sustainable Fuel

Since inception Green Fuels has focused on the conversion of waste and other responsibly-sourced feedstocks into truly sustainable biofuels for use in road transport, energy, marine and aviation.  Our focus in the use of biogenic feedstocks (i.e. all its carbon coming from plant sources, fixing CO2 from the current atmosphere) is crucial in achieving a net zero carbon fuel and meeting the highest sustainability standards.

Fuel Technology

Green Fuels’ equipment incorporates patented and proprietary features providing a real competitive advantage in both decentralized and large scale production.  Our processing technologies are developed to be as efficient as possible, reducing costs and improving environmental performance.  The technology is simple to transport, install, and operate.  Designed around standard container frames it is readily deployable offering huge advantages over more cumbersome solutions.


We are driven by research and development.  R&D has been core to the business and guides our technology development enabling us to decarbonize in areas that are often challenging.  We have focused on new catalysts for sustainable fuel production, novel non-food feedstocks, and valorization of wastes from aquaculture and sugarcane agriculture. We pioneered the use of ‘drop-in’  biofuels in aviation and hold patents in keys areas of biofuel production and technology.  With expertise in transitional research, we stay ahead of the curve with rapid prototyping and commercialization.


Green Fuels was established when modern biofuels were emerging. This long-standing, global, experience in the industry has given us a deep understanding the market drivers and our experience in R&D keeps us ahead of the curve with regards to the science. Simply we understand biofuels.  We offer wide-ranging consulting services from site selection and feasibility studies to business planning and environmental impact assessment. Our experienced team have also been employed as expert witnesses and advisory.  Our experience saves time and money.