Green Fuels Research

We are a research-orientated business focused on the development of advanced biofuels from low-cost bio-renewable feedstocks

Our Mission

Our mission is to seek solutions to the problems caused by decades of use of fossil fuels in road, aviation and maritime transport and in energy production. We have identified aviation as a key challenge to be addressed: progress has been slower in introducing sustainable fuel sources in this area than in, for example, road transport. This results not only in a significant unmet commercial need for alternative fuels but also a major gap in attempts to limit carbon emissions. We are also keen to solve problems caused by less sustainable crops and feedstocks in first-generation biofuels by researching sustainable waste-derived feedstocks and sustainable energy crops.

Sustainable feedstocks

We research sustainable feedstocks for renewable fuels that can benefit communities without affecting food supply, competing for land or water or damaging ecosystems.

Renewable fuel chemistry

We use fuel chemistry and process engineering to find new ways to make renewable fuels and new uses for them.

Renewables consultancy and research

We can help renewables projects with life cycle and environmental impact assessment; supply chain analysis; contract research and renewables consultancy.

Our Function

Our function is to conduct research and develop intellectual property that has value – whether for commercialisation by affiliated companies, licensing or sale to third parties, or release into the public domain for the common good.


Green Fuels Research (GFR) was established in 2013 to develop new technology in the areas of alternative fuel and energy. We are building on more than 10 years’ experience of our sister company, Green Fuels Ltd, in the design and manufacture of biodiesel processing equipment, in a new venture designed for innovation and entrepreneurship.


The leadership team of Green Fuels Research combine more than 40 years of experience in management, research and technology development in biofuels, cleantech and biomedical sciences. Our CTO, James Hygate, is a pioneer and internationally-respected thought leader of many years’ standing in biofuels. Our COO, Dr Paul Hilditch, brings a track record of success in delivering stockholder value in science and knowledge industries, as well as a valuable perspective on research and technology transfer in biomedicine. Our CFO, Peter Stent, is a qualified accountant with strong credentials in strategic development, business governance and compliance in a range of industries including cleantech.

Collaborative research

As well as our own in-house R&D, our scientists often work on collaborative projects where a team effort can make a big difference. We’ve worked with more than 20 top-rate universities, as well as with industrial and government partners, on projects in many parts of the world. Some projects have received support in the form of research grants, including the European Union’s Horizon2020 programme and from Innovate UK.