Good news on how our sustainable, net zero carbon, fuels are making a positive impact on the environment.
Wakud and modern Arabian sign partnership for used cooking oil to biofuels in oman
Green Fuels’ joint venture signed a partnership agreement with Modern Arabian Projects LLC

Wakud International LLC, Green Fuels’ joint venture in the Sultanate of Oman, has signed a partnership agreement with Modern Arabian Projects LLC for the collection of used cooking oil (UCO)…

Collaboration on sustainable fuels announced

Green Fuels and INOCAS today announced an agreement to engage in the development of a sustainable fuels value chain in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Using macaúba in novel intercropping and agrosilvopastoral techniques, the partners intend to ensure future sustainable fuel production for distributed energy and land, marine and…

Marine fuels
SALMO project to focus on marine fuels

Green Fuels Research is leading the SALMO project, which will demonstrate the use of waste from fish farming to produce sustainable marine fuel.   A Maritime Research and Innovation UK (MarRI-UK) initiative…

oman wakud venture
Oman venture signs lease

Green Fuels’ joint venture company in the Sultanate of Oman, Wakud International LLC, signed a lease on its new facilities at the Khazaen Economic City. Wakud will process locally-collected waste oils into…

flexjet ketbio award
Flexjet Green Fuels tech in award-winning project

The flexJET project, which features Green Fuels’ SABR technology, was selected as winner of the KETbio competition for most innovative and impactful EU biotechnology project. flexJET will deliver 1,200 tons of sustainable aviation fuel from the…

Green Fuels: a different energy – Featured on Barclays.Home

Green Fuels CEO James Hygate was delighted to be featured on the homepage of Home. Barclays! A huge thank you to #barclays and #unreasonableimpact for their continued guidance and support;…

Most ships today use marine diesel or heavy fuel oil, and substituting these with sustainable alternatives could make an important contribution to decarbonization, and this is an important part of our strategy at Green Fuels.♻️
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Green Fuels is braking paradigms and having a disproportionate impact against climate change and in favor of sustainability and social development in Brazil. ♻️ #renewableenergy #climatechange #energy #circularity #biofuel #circulareconomy #technology

When cooking oil has been used for a while it begins to break down, building up toxins that can be dangerous to human health. Collecting the oil and converting it to sustainable fuel is the most responsible way to deal with it.
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Worldwide, most biofuel is made from crop plants. The big problem is that growing crops for biofuel can cause changes to land use which are undesirable We look for crops and planting schemes that have good effects, like planting macaúba.♻️ #sustainability #renewableenergy #macaúba greenfuelsltd photo

FuelMatic is ready for shipment to Brazil! We are thrilled to establish a biofuel production plant in the Zona da Mata. It is a part of our agreement with INOCAS to engage in the development of sustainable fuel in Brazil. #renewableenergy #climatechange #circularity #biofuels greenfuelsltd photo